5 Insider Moving Tips to Save $100’s On Your Next Move

National moving rates are soaring over $1,000+ for one-bedroom apartments. Moving is a costly endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s a common saying that moving is the third most stressful event in a person’s life, behind death and divorce. Clearly, people just don’t like the process of moving. It’s tiring, expensive and stressful. Moving can be a major drag. Thankfully we are here to help you with these money-saving solutions you can use on your next move:

1. Don’t go for the cheapest mover.

I know what you’re thinking. How can you write about saving money and then tell me not to save money? Well, I understand why you’d think that but if you haven’t moved with the cheapest of the cheap “movers” then let me tell you a little story from experience…

Over the years we’ve heard countless horror stories from our customers using the cheaper guys and their experiences run the gamut. One day late one afternoon I received a call from an extremely distraught woman who was in the middle of a rogue moving experience. Her guys, who showed up wife-beaters and basketball shorts with a U-haul. After loading everything they ended up leaving her belongings on the unlocked U-haul for 5+ hours while the “crew” left to go to drink at a bar! Rogue movers sometimes don’t even show up on moving day. If they do show, sometimes they may not have all the tools for moving including dollies, hand-trucks, hand-tools, etc. These things are happening every day to unsuspecting families, right here in Northern Virginia. Don’t fall in the trap of a “good deal” which turns out to be your worst nightmare and end up costing you more in the end.

Moral of the story, don’t go for the cheapest movers because you’re gambling with the safety of all your worldly possessions.

Rogue movers are typically found in online classifieds sections like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace with shockingly low rates.

2. Be ready to go on moving day.

In order to save the most money on your move it’s very important that you are ready to go and organized before moving day. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Cut down on moving time (and the budget) by boxing up all of your small items and breakables so they’re ready to be walked out the door. Make sure you label those boxes for easier unpacking. For you penny-pinchers out there with student loans (we’re in the same boat!) you can also perform your own furniture disassembly, take apart your bed frames and couches so your movers can quickly load and go.

Pro tip: Keep all of your small screws, hardware in one container. Put your priceless valuables in another.

There is more to life than simply increasing its speed. – Mahatma Gandhi

3. Have everything packed already.

When you add packing services into the mix the cost of any given move can increase by almost half. The best and easiest way to save money on your move is by packing all of your items yourself. If the movers need to assist you with packing the move will take at least 50% longer and you will also be charged for materials.

Use the space wisely and pack your boxes with a mixture of light and heavy items. A good rule of thumb is the heavier the items, the smaller the box.

4. Get three estimates in writing

According to the American Moving & Storage Association,consumers should get estimates from at least three companies in writing, so there is no confusion about the terms of the agreement. If an estimate seems surprisingly low, don’t assume you’ll get a better deal by going with that company. Most likely, additional charges will be tacked on once your items have been loaded on the truck. And if a company tries to charge you for an estimate, definitely steer clear.

5. Factor in any additional fees

The first step to financial freedom and savings is knowledge. Attaining more knowledge about moving and figuring out how this works and how different companies charge for their services is going to be vital to getting the best company at the best rates for your move.

Some common additional fees to ask about include, stair fees, heavy item fees, piano or safe fees, long carry fees, or travel fees are all fees you should ask about and clarify with your moving coordinator.

Don’t burn your money this moving season. Ask the pros how you can save money on your move. We know all the best tips and tricks.

But wait, there’s MORE! Do you still have more questions about moving? We have more great resources to check, you can read our frequently asked questions. You will find a wealth of knowledge on our website here to help assist you in your search for movers.

Ready to speak with a real, live person about your move? Call us today at 571-441-1114.

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