How to Prepare for an Office Move

Moving a home or apartment is already stressful enough, it will be even more hectic moving large teams of people out of an office during normal working hours. Keeping your business operations going during a move can be a tall order when you consider the number of people who must be involved. Without the appropriate planning and assistance, you’re going to create a hectic experience for employees. Keep your team happy during your office move by preparing them with these helpful tips.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Begin planning as early as possible

It’s a great idea to involve your employees in the move. Make sure you notify your entire team as early as you can, so they’ll be able to make appropriate preparations. It’s also a good idea to designate one person to be your moving coordinator, the coordinator will be the primary point of contact for your office when there are questions about the move. The moving coordinator should also be the contact person for your moving company so that all scheduling and logistical details can be communicated through a single person.

Also, be sure your management team communicates the move in a positive, upbeat way. Everyone knows moving can be annoying and stressful, but if you put a positive spin on the changeover to a new office your team will be more excited to make the move with you. Be sure to highlight the exciting aspects of your new office, whether it’s a bigger space, better amenities, or a well-regarded food truck that stops by every week! The more excitement you show about the move the better the mood you’ll set within your team, and the more likely they’ll get on board and become excited too.

Call in the professionals to make your office move stress-free!

Find a professional mover

Expecting your employees to oversee the move will add unwanted pressure and stress in their workday. If you want to keep business operations going with maximum efficiency, it’s always best to hire a professional mover (link to estimate) to handle your move. Your moving company can even take charge of your packing and unpacking while your team enjoys either a day off or a highly sought-after remote work day. Hiring a mover is all about minimizing the stress, and your team will thank you for it.

Send clear moving instructions to employees

Your internal moving coordinator’s job is to effectively communicate with your staff. Send clear, actionable instructions to your team long before the move so that everything can happen in an orderly fashion. While relocating to another city it’s important to inform everyone as quickly as possible so they can make appropriate arrangements to handle the change in locale. Moving is also a great opportunity to organize your office, clean out those cluttered storage closets and improve business processes.

Work with your moving coordinator to identify the roles that each employee will play in their move, instruct your staff on what they will need to pack, how to pack and what they should do on moving day. Consider giving your employees a work-from-home day or some leniency in their work responsibilities on the day of the move in order to decrease their stress levels.

Unpacking the new office

Your moving coordinator should send clear instructions regarding the disposal of packing materials and protocols for setting up their computers and connectivity in the new office. Anticipate a lot of questions over the first week after the move and take a little time to enjoy your new home!

If your thinking about moving your office give Strongmove, a fully licensed and insured moving company, give us a call at 1-800-617-0629. Contact us today to find out how our professionals will move your office with less headache and stress.

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