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What does the moving service include? 

* Dedicated Professional movers;  
* Moving Truck;
* Disassembly & Assembly;
* Loading & Unloading;
* Furniture pads, floor runners;

What is the size of your trucks?

We send various size of trucks based on the size of the moving job:
Studio apartments- we send 16ft Box truck;
1BR apartments- we send 16ft Box truck;
2BR apartments- we send 20ft box truck; 
3BR townhouses= we send 24ft Box truck; 
4BR single family houses(SFH)- we send 24ft. Box trucks

Our COVID-2019 response and procedures?

We continue working during this time and we're doing our part concerning COVID-19: * On a daily basis we sanitize our trucks, equipments and tools; * we wear masks/gloves throughout the moving process; * our moving crew carry hand sanitizers all the time; * we check temperatures of our staff every morning;

What is your policy in dealing with damages?

Damage claim process: 
1. The moving company should be immediately informed once they are spotted.

2. Collect the evidence of the damage.Collect your photos, videos, and inventory sheet. Without the evidence, there is no point in filing a claim because you wouldn't be able to support your statements. Also, do not throw the damaged items away.

3. File the movers’ damage claim form within 10 day upon actual move date.

4. On the claim form, write the damaged items, their inventory numbers, and all other information such as when and how it was damaged, as well as the consequences.

5. Prepare the damaged items for inspection.

6. For minor damages such as marks on walls or scratches on furniture, back office team handles work8. For major damages, the moving company assesses the damage in accordance with the moving company’s policies and it issues the money back. You will be informed of how much and when it will be available for reimbursement.

Moving industry standard insurance coverage is $0.60 cents. Additional coverage can be purchased at www.movinginsurance.com

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