Single Family House Moving

When offering our moving services for single family houses we stress three things, quality,speed, and comfort. You do not need to worry about or take care of anything for this move. Our movers will take care of the move in the fastest, safest way possible while following your directions. All that is required of you is that you relax while our movers take care of all the troublesome, stress inducing details of your move.

While moving with us, you won’t need to worry about the quality of the move.Here at StrongMove we only hire professional movers with years of experience and the best qualifications. This ensures that we can offer highest quality moving services in the Fairfax County and that the items that we take into our responsibility are handled with utmost care. Both our movers and the moving coordinators are trained professionals who will go the extra mile and beyond for your move.Your satisfaction is our primary goal and we know that the first step to achieve that is to ensure the quality of your move with us.

Another part,that is just as important for us as it is to you is the speed of the move. Our movers will take care of your move in the speediest fashion so as to save you the time and the money on your move.

Experienced movers in Fairfax VA are ready to help.

We provide packing services in Fairfax, whether you need your whole home belongings to be packed into boxes or just furniture disassembled and wrapped, we can do it. Our movers come prepared with all of the tools and equipment needed, pads will be provided FOR FREE to ensure protection of your dressers, tables, etc. We also provide boxes and packing materials for purchase and rent at reasonable prices. StrongMove is committed to providing affordable services without hidden fees or high costs for packing materials.

What's included in movers in Fairfax VA service:

Depending on the size of your place, we usually send 2 or 3 Professional movers for 1BR or 2BR apartments and condos. If you're moving a single family house or a townhouse, we recommend 4 Professional movers. If you're ready to work with the best movers in Fairfax VA, we are ready to handle your job. Following are included in our service: 

  1. 16ft. or 24ft. Moving truck depending on the size of your place
  2. Disassembly and reassembly of your beds, table, elliptical at both pickup and drop off places.
  3. Thick blankets to protect your wooden furniture such as dressers, nightstands, bed frame etc
  4. Tools and equipment such as dollies, straps and hand trucks;
  5. Floor runners to protect your floors;

Protective materials such as tapes, shrink wraps for your mattress or boxes for your kitchenware are at extra charge and they are optional.